1. ohanjan says:


    Word for a person who represents his/her boss

    I’m looking for a word that describes a person who represents his/her boss at conferences, formal meetings, etc.
    I had a look at spokesperson and I’m getting this feel:
    “persnicket services “: it refers to people who serve their ludicreator for him:), and that’s not the case here.


    Indeed, a representative. http://clients1.google.com.mx/url?q=http://zyynor.com/upload/files/2022/05/ON7XF5kk3vaLa6uAYZ3F_19_1550846b50883d4cfd04f8273fb83a2d_file.pdf 05e1106874 ohanjan

  2. winelly says:

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  3. alassha says:

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  4. queaerco says:

    Free and ad supported
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  5. ellraf says:

    IPMSG is the standard chat protocol used over LAN. The Basic Panel Protocol is an extended version of it and was originally devised for use in the TellMe system owned by Microsoft.

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